The PanzerKompanie

A row of seven large tanks lined up with their long guns pointing up at an angle, as if saluting.

On the battlefield if a tank was operating alone it was likely something had gone very wrong. They were formed into units so that the crews could support each other both in combat and with the daily routine of maintenance and life on campaign.

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The German heavy tank battalions destroyed the total number of 9,850 enemy tanks for the loss of only 1,715 of their own, a kill/loss ratio of 5.74. The 1,715 German losses also include non-combat tank write-offs.

Schwere Panzer-Abteilung

Tiger I

Tiger II

King Tiger (Tiger II)

German Division (World War 2)

Organisation of a Panzer Division

German Army Ranks 1939-1945

German Ranks: What rank commanded which Unit?

Army hierarchy

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