Debating against propagandists

Additional survival tricks

Debating against propagandists.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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This art requires strict discipline. A debater against propagandists must set down the following rules to protect fairness to himself and to his cause:

1. All debate will be promptly and RUDELY finished for any debate participant violating the mutually agreed debating rules.

2. The mutually agreed debating rules should be clearly laid out and should include:

2a- Only one person should talk at a time.

2b- No unneeded attribute should be made against the opposing side.

For example:

The addressing mode “Mr A” is acceptable but “The arrogant Mr. A” is not acceptable in any debate between Mr. A and a propagandist.

2c- Questions and answers must be alternated between debating participants to give an…

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