We can no longer rationalize away the holocausts by the Allies


How does a person write an essay on this topic?

For me, there is only one way and that is with anger mixed with terrible sadness.  Anger is caused by the heinousness and enormity of these purposeful and deliberate outrages and crimes.  Deep, depressing sadness is caused when contemplating the very large numbers of innocent lives lost, or for those who managed to survive, for the many lives ruined.  The gravity of this topic can be crushing, and we recognize that few blog visitors will  bother to read this essay in its entirety.  But, lack of readership will not deter me from writing this as I feel morally compelled to do so.  The mass murders of the Allies, the alleged “good guys”, are both unconscionable and cry out to Heaven for justice.

The recent magazine edition (above) that prompted me to write this post can be purchased at the link…

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