How Big Was Denmark in the Viking Age?

The Viking Age was born in Denmark, with many of the raids in England, Northern France and Spain originating in the warbands of Danish petty kings. However when we talk about “Denmark” during this time, it’s worth noting that we don’t mean the same thing as that which we mean today. Instead, Denmark was considerably larger than the boundaries of the modern country, including Schleswig to the south, and a stretch of coastline across the Øresund including the modern Swedish regions of Skåne, Halland and further north the Norwegian regions around the Vik known as Viken.

History With Hilbert

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Make Scandinavia Danish Again!

Make Scandinavia Danish Again! – Kalmar Union 2.0

Sverigestan submit to your Danish overlords!

The Kalmar Union

Dänemark Uber Alles

The Real Denmark

Flag of Denmark

Flag of Sweden

Flag of Norway


Denmark–Sweden relations

Denmark–Germany relations


Holsten Gate in Lübeck


Isted Lion

Winter in Denmark

Denmark is where I live and die! My fatherland

Greenland belongs to Denmark and the Danish people!

What If Scandinavia United Into One Country

If DANES ruled the world

Are Scandinavian people a different race?

Scandinavians, Why Do They All Have the Same Name?

A fire that can never be turned off.

Constitution Day

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The Epic Gunboat War

Danish Sea Heroes?

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All Germanic people should come together under Danish rule!

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