How Twitter Promotes Verified Hate

Anything goes when you attack white people.

When it comes to race, the only standards are double standards. At the urging of the System media, Twitter has begun a vast purge of right-leaning accounts, ostensibly to stop “hate speech.” American Renaissance’s account is just one of a great many that have been banned, despite strict respect for Twitter’s terms of service. Yet many of Twitter’s vaunted “verified” accounts—those with the coveted blue check mark that even the Jared Taylor and AmRen accounts used to have—tweet crude, hateful, and borderline violent postings that Twitter seems to think are fine, so long as their targets are whites. And, irony of ironies, Twitter recently banned an account that simply retweeted these hateful postings. “Blue Check Watch” (username @meme_america) is no more.

Here are some of the tweets from verified accounts “Blue Check Watch” exposed. Click the images for larger versions:

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ADL, Youtube, Google, Twitter and Microsoft Team Up to Fight Hate Speech


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