White Art Collective

The White Art Collective is a collection of artists of European descent whose mission is to preserve, promote, celebrate and expand upon our shared European culture.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Maintain a centralized Media Distribution Network to be a one-stop shop for Nationalist film, music, literature, web shows, etc.


  • Artists of any experience and talent level can join the collective and have their work distributed via the Media Distribution Network.


  • However, all work will be rated and distributed to a level (Local, State, Regional, National, International) based on it’s quality, message and relevance to the audience.


  • This will encourage the values of honest critique, self-improvement/realization, healthy competition and meritocracy.

  • Encourage collaboration and cooperation.

  • Actively seek to connect talent, resources and funding for projects.

  • Actively develop up and coming artists via training, guidance and helping them to acquire the necessary resources to create their work.

  • Sponsor events which will feature musicians, filmmakers, writers, comedians, painters and other artists of European descent.

  • Sponsor an annual all-encompassing Arts Festival (like SXSW) which celebrates artists of European descent (both past and present).

  • Produce interviews, reviews, news pieces and other content to stay abreast of new artists, releases, projects, events and other goings on in the Nation art scene.

If you are an artist of European descent and would like to join us, please send an email to Contact@WhiteArtCollective.com briefly describing what type of artist you are and any links to examples of your work and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

Thank you for your interest!!!

White Art Collective

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