Techno Against Communism

Victory (full album)

The Last Echo (full album)

A Tribute to Danskernes Parti!

Sad But True (Sverigestan)

The Gunboat War


Go Home!


Until Victory

A White Homeland

Signs of the Decline

Destined for Greatness

Germanic Awesomeness

About White Savior Complex

Good Walls Make Good Neighbors

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

Top 10 Most Anti White Countries

Denmark is where I live and die! My fatherlandTill Death Do Us Part

I Remember!

Sky King (Richard “Beebo” Russell) Tribute

Move Along People, Nothing To See Here!

The Alt Right and the eastern european invaders! Europe’s Mexico!

Polackistan and Eastern Europe


Crazy Cat Lady

Viking Techno

Ambient Viking Music

Music for the news:

‘because you’re white’

Please, let me go

Bodybuilder sexually assaulted a 4 year old girl

An illegal immigrant who sexually assault a six year old schoolgirl has been jailed for 15 years

Girl, 15, raped twice in one night by separate attackers in Birmingham

PhD student jailed for sexually assaulting sleeping man

Police figures suggest Uber drivers are linked to one sex attack in London per week!

Crooked police officers JAILED

About Rape In England and Wales


Bråvalla music festival cancels next year’s event because of migrant mass sex attacks!

About BLM

Hillary Clinton Says ‘Islam Is Not Our Enemy’.

Shots Fired!

Wake Up, White Man!

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