Richard Spencer Discusses Kalergi (& I jump off the Spencer Train) | Kalergi Plan | European Union

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The truth about Kalergi (these are the two ‘TinyURL’ links referenced in the video):……

——–Some of my many grievances with Spencer:——

– He seems to be trying to co-opt the alt-right into the Democratic party. I’m not a big fan of the GOP, either, but I surely don’t think the Dems are our friend. To encourage his followers to ‘never vote GOP’ again is a ‘red flag’ in my mind.

– Spends about 50% of his streams kvetching about the alt-light….meanwhile we all continue to lose our homelands and continue to be replaced by the unwashed hordes.

– Has a girlfriend that likes to make light of ‘Satanism.’ I am not a Christian, but joking about Satanism is spitting in the face of many in the alt right (who are devout Christians).

* BTW, Satanism was invented by Anton “LaVey” (Levey), who was Jewish. I’m convinced it is yet another engineered attack on White, Christian society.

– Supporting an “anti-White” (Richard’s words, not mine) socialist politician like Ocasion-Cortez

– Numerous things about Richard’s personal life that I have too much class to delve into publicly (though almost all of it is publicly available information). Suffice it to say that I believe our leaders need to be strongly against degeneracy of all forms…and they need to be against the breakdown of the family unit.

There are other reasons, too, and I will likely delve into those in future uploads (unless I see some serious changes out of Spencer).

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  3. ᛋᛠᛉ · March 5, 2021

    I try not to get into the e-celeb cult(ure) too deep. Always thought Mr. Spencer had unqualified airs about him.

    Also: your linked video has been cancelled because it offended a basement dwelling sadsack hired by YouTube to waste everyone’s time.


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