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Child poverty up 1 million since 2010, largely because of benefit cuts and pay freezes, study finds.

‘Epic scale’ of the housing crisis in England leaves the country short of FOUR MILLION homes.

SAS 1980 Iranian Embassy siege HERO who guarded Princess Diana left HOMELESS and destitute.

The Great Replacement London

Nearly three in 10 babies have mothers born outside the UK – and in parts of London the figure is over 75%

INDIA is set to land on the Moon AND Mars – so why do we pay them £100 MILLION in aid?

Foreign Aid SHOCK: Britain is giving £47 MILLION to superpower China

Royal Navy a ‘laughing stock’ with three quarters of its warships out of action and ‘struggling to protect British citizens’

Londons 36bn benefits bill is bigger than the UKs whole defence budget

Why Britain played second fiddle to France in Syria strikes: UK has NO ships that can fire cruise missiles and the planes that did entered service 38 years ago and will be retired next year

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Grenfell Tower

A WOMAN pretended to be a single mother in order to falsely claim more than £100,000 in benefits to put two of her children through private school, a court heard.

Asylum seeker jailed for £40,000 benefits con is musical icon known as the ‘Somalian Phil Collins’ who has played two shows at Wembley and had 30-year career.

A family-of-ten who receive an estimated £44,000-a-year on benefits who previously claimed to have been ‘neglected’ have been moved to a £425,000 ‘dream’ house.

Cameroon-born jobless couple and their eight children get £44,000 in welfare each year.

Benefits fraudster who swindled £191,000 by claiming she was confined to a wheelchair but was caught on CCTV using the treadmill at her luxury block’s private gym is jailed for seven years.

Nigerian fraudster who is refusing to give up his stolen money is let free half way through his sentence.

Dagenham couple wanted over £10.2m fraud are believed to be hiding in Nigeria

UK ‘voodoo’ nurse first person convicted under modern slavery laws after trafficking Nigerian women to work as prostitutes

Nigeria: “Traditional Leader Revokes Voodoo Curses” to Protect African Invaders in Europe

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How Southern and Eastern Europeans Contribute to White Genocide!

There is a stark contrast between Western and Eastern Europeans. – Those from Eastern Europe received more in welfare than the average UK citizen — and paid less income tax.

Polish industry bosses say they have to get migrants from Ukraine and Belarus because all their workers moved to Britain and Germany.

Federation of Poles in Great Britain

Migrations from Poland since EU accession

Net contributors to the EU budget

S-ithole Information

The End of the Welfare State

Who Wants to Abolish the White Race?

Genocide Convention

Councillors and police ‘had sex’ with Rotherham abuse victims

London Mayor Khan Shows Secretary Kerry the View From His Office at London City Hall (30061268723).jpg


London’s population has been growing by 100,000 a YEAR

The Notting Hill Carnage

“anti-terror barriers”

Sci Fi - Post Apocalyptic  Apocalyptic Hellgate London Wallpaper

Britain : Only 18.9% of Muslims are in full time employment

Minority White London Sees 20% More Rapes, 33% More Murders, 40% More Robberies

Migration is ‘behind 82% of UK’s population growth’

Three in Four London Students from Ethnic Minorities by 2030

Britain: Non-Whites Make up 87% of All Criminal Gang Suspects, Say Police

Muslim Population in England Increases 6900% from 1939 to 2017

UK: Whites Blamed for Nonwhite “Youth” Crime Wave

ONS figures have shown the proportion of live births to women born outside the UK in England and Wales in 2015  

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