The Persecution of Maria Koppensteiner for Being Hitler’s Cousin

This happened — and not during Hitler’s time either. It happened when “liberation” came to Europe.

Maria Koppensteiner was arrested at her home in Austria by the Secret State Police, along with her three brothers. She was soon deported to a concentration camp in the east, where she was “interrogated” by professional inquisitors.

During her long ordeal between “interrogations”, Maria was kept in a dirty, black, abysmal, cold and damp dungeon, where she was denied even the company of fellow prisoners. She was deprived of sleep. She was allowed no contact with the remaining members of her family. She was not allowed to write or receive letters. Her tormentors were determined to obtain a “confession” from her, in the hope that the confession would prove useful as propaganda.

Maria, who was a frail and elderly woman, suffered greatly at the hands of her interrogators, who taunted, threatened, and abused her many times daily. Finally, they succeeded in breaking her completely.

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