Spiral of Violence

File:Flag of New Zealand.svg

The shocking #NewZealandTerroristAttack is another example of the dangerous spiral of violence encouraged by a lethal combination of:

1) liberal weakness in the face of Wahhabi Islamist violence and the evils and injustices visited upon the people of Europe due to mass immigration;

2) the dishonest propaganda of the Zionist/neo-con ‘counter-jihad’ clowns, and

3) the fixation with violence among an ‘extreme-right’ fringe driven more than half-mad by censorship, state-sponsored leftist thuggery, frustration at the closure of avenues for effective peaceful protest by the liberal elite (of which the rejection of the democratic vote for Brexit is only the most grotesque example) and the baneful influence of Satanists, Hollywood Nazis and assorted other crackpots.

I condemn not just the attacker/s, but all those mentioned above, who have together helped to create the climate in which people conclude that random sectarian violence is anything other than the road to hell for us all.

I am in Lebanon right now, having spent days in discussions and fellowship with Muslims and Christians alike who have spent literally years and lost countless comrades in a bloody war of resistance in Lebanon and Syria against Wahhabi Islamist terrorism, as well as against the dark powers that unleashed it as a weapon of foreign policy.

While they know exactly who they are fighting and why, all too many in the supposedly sophisticated ‘West’ are played for fools. It is time to wise up, before those who wish none of us any good succeed in plunging us into the abyss!

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