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Link to full RA episode of ‘Big Trouble’:…


Evidence surrounding the claims made in the beginning of this video:

There is both direct and circumstantial evidence that Enoch and Weev are J____sh, and there is lots of it. Those two guys own and operate the two sites that Chris sees as the two main culprits in the fuckery that ensued after Charlottesville….and the two sites that are probably involved in the recent in-warring (TRS has blacklisted Cantwell, Patrick Little, and Paul Nehlen for a long time – my channel has done videos on all of it).


Mike Enoch’s ancestry in his own words:…

Mike’s wife takes part in a TDS episode:…

Strange coincidences surrounding Enoch:…

Patrick Little loses it and finally tells the truth about Enoch and TRS:…

Some interesting insight from an alt-right old-timer (Colin Liddell):…

Hayden and Hunter Wallace exposed Weev’s ancestry. My channel has delved into the evidence against Enoch – and its done so at pretty good length. Mike’s ex-wife (of ten years) was extremely J____sh and had ties to B’nai Brith and powerful media entities in NYC (namely AOL and NBC). Mike’s wife took part in several episodes of TDS, and I’ve linked audio of one of those episodes below.

TRS is the only major far-right site allowed to use credit card processors because – I believe – it is Zionist-backed controlled opposition. Basically Mike is here to collect shekels, to discourage real political activism (which is why they blacklisted Pat Little), and to cause division. They’ve done an excellent job of all three. TRS does not have a ton of influence now, but when the 504um was up, their influence was nearly all-powerful.

Nationalist Media Network

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Sabotage of the Alt Right ∎ Mike Enoch | Strike and Mike | TRS | TDS | Useful Idiots

Patrick Little Discusses Infighting & Subversion Within the Alt-Right Movement

Patrick Little Exposes Zionist Infiltrators within the Alt-Right Movement

Richard Spencer Has Some Strong Words for Other Alt Right “Leaders”

Richard Spencer on Optics & Subversion | Daily Stormer TRS Ricky Vaughn Mike Enoch

Richard Spencer Bolshevik Agent?


Richard Spencer Discusses Kalergi (& I jump off the Spencer Train) | Kalergi Plan | European Union.

Richard Spencer – Charlottesville had Great Potential and the Alt Right Needs to Re-Clam It.

Richard Spencer’s Strange Connections

Chris Cantwell | Vic Mackey | Bowl Gang | Sabotage | Alt Right

Vic Mackey’s Side & Final Thoughts – Chris Cantwell | Bowl Gang | Alt Right | Vanguard

Chris Cantwell vs. Bowlcast Explained

Christmas PSA from Pat Little – Mike Enoch is a Controlled Op Shill – TRS

About Mike Enoch, Andrew Anglin, Ricky Vaughn and Weev

Is Mike Enoch Jewish?

About Mike Enoch?

DAMAGE CONTROLE – Mike Enoch and HailGate

Radical Agenda Interview

About The Alt-Right

Paul Nehlen


  1. · May 7, 2021

    Damn shame.
    Erm… May I ask your YT Channel name? LOL. I’ve a hunch, but wanna verify!


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    • Viking Life Blog · May 7, 2021

      I have made a number channels, but lost control of some of them, even more has been deleted by YouTube. I am not active there anymore, hoping I can keep the remaining videos.

      Viking Life Blog
      Eastern Europe is our Mexico
      Make Scandinavia Danish Again
      The Patriot
      and a few more.


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