Schloss Birstein

Birstein, das Schloss, nördlicher Teil.jpg

Birstein Castle in the Municipality of Birstein on the northeastern edge of the Main-Kinzig-Kreis in Hesse has been the Residence of the Counts and (from 1744) princes of Isenburg-Birstein (from 1920 by Isenburg) since 1517.

Birstein (Hessen), Schloß.JPG

The Castle stands on a narrow ridge and is grouped around three interlocking courtyards. It evolved from a “Core Castle” from the 12th to the 18th century. Subsequently, the plant was hardly altered. In the 19th Century, fortifications were laid down and a landscape garden was added.

Birstein, das Schloss, Innenhof.jpg

The Family of the Princes of Isenburg-Birstein still inhabits the Castle today.

Birstein, Blick zum Schloss.jpg


Schloss Birstein von Neubaugebiet.jpeg


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Birstein Birstein Schloss Birstein rem SO.png

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