Pictures from Inside one of Adolf Hitler’s Last Surviving Bunkers – in France

The decaying bunker was once a war room for one of the most famous leaders in history.

Adolf Hitler and his generals used this bunker to plan the western campaing, however all that is left of the once plush bunker is a maze of damp and crumbling rooms and corridors.

Parisian photographer Marc Askat set out to find the fables bunker, which is in a secret location in France somewhere.

Why secret? Because the French Foreign Legion – an elite unit of the French military – still use it as a training ground.

Watch the pictures, here (The Daily Archives)

Read about WWII here

Time Capsule Berlin Bunker

The Wizernes Bunker/La Coupole

Bunker Valentin


Berlin Tiergarten-Zoo G-Turm


Flak Towers

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