ESKOM Confirms “Minor” Koeberg LEAKS, and more | South Africa

After my earlier video quoting the quoting the Minister of Energy, Jeff Radebe, caused so much commotion, I took it down by request from Nuclear Engineer Desmund Bernardo.

He is going to come on this channel and explain exactly what happened at Koeberg.

ESKOM has meanwhile released a statement CONFIRMING there were “minor” leaks, but attacking me for some reason.

In this video we have all the information (and claims) from all the parties involved, so this should be a balanced and informative watch on exactly what is going on at Koeberg.

Links to sources:

Citizen article (with ESKOM statement) –…

Nuclear Waste vide (by Bernardo) –

Rebuttal of Maroela Media (by Bernardo) –

Willem Petzer

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