Training Programs

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The most popular way to use the template spreadsheet is to run the template in the following order.

  1. #29: Prepapatory Block; Medium Volume – Medium Intensity
  2. #30: Accumulation Block: High Volume – Medium Intensity
  3. #31: Transmutation Block: Medium Volume – Medium/High Intensity
  4. #32: Realization/Peaking Block: Low Volume – High Intensity

The training program is most relevant for people who no longer can improve they training weights by 2.5-5kg(5-10lbs) per month. Interestingly the rutine stems from Sheiko’s Russian book about powerlifting which has been roughly translated with tools such as google translate. The programs are called #29-32 because they were examples of powerlifting programs and it is worth noting they were never intended as plug and play or copy/paste programs such as for example 5/3/1. Nevertheless lots of people have had great success using them as such.

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