Why Didn’t the Vikings Colonise North America?

Around the turn of the millennium, a crew of Norsemen from Greenland and Iceland under the leadership of Leif Eriksson, son of the infamous Erik the Red, sighted lands that but a handful of Europeans before them had seen: Mainland North America. Despite having reached it and found it to be a fertile land of wild wheat and grapes, the Vikings spent mere decades in Vinland, before abandoning it forever. In this video I answer the question; why didn’t the Vikings colonise North America?

History With Hilbert

Make North America Danish Again!


Make Scandinavia Danish Again!

Make Scandinavia Danish Again! – Kalmar Union 2.0

Sverigestan submit to your Danish overlords!

The Kalmar Union

Dänemark Uber Alles

The Real Denmark

Greenland belongs to Denmark and the Danish people!

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