Everything you need to know about Hollywood and why you should boycott it

Hollywood = Cultural Marxism

Movies and Hollywood:

How Hollywood Subverted America

About Edward Bernays and the Subversion of USA

Cultural marxism in commercials

A Comprehensive List of Corrupt Institutions & Industries Under Jewish Control

List of Jewish actors

History of (((Porn)))

Whistleblower: Pornhub Tells Content Moderators Not to Report Child Porn to Authorities

Brooke Shields, Pretty Baby and Hollywood

Jewish Author Of ‘Bambi’ Also Wrote Notorious Pornographic Novel About Child Prostitute In Vienna

Four Disney Employees, Retired Judge Among 108 Arrested in Sex Trafficking Sting

Disney Channel actor Stoney Westmoreland is jailed for two years after being accused of trying to entice a minor into sex

Why is Disney a Hotbed of Human Trafficking?

Hollywood and The Pentagon, A Big Dirty Secret

One Race Films

Introducing, (((CUCK THE MOVIE)))

INSANE SJW TV Show Says “Its Time To Punch Nazis” | The Good Fight CBS Inciting Violence.


Larry David Learns About His Jewish-Confederate Slave-Owner Great-Great-Grandfather

A Letter from Hans Schmidt to Steven Spielberg

Disney To Roll Out Jewish Superhero Who Tracks Down And Punishes ‘Antisemites’ And Holocaust Deniers

Amazon whiffs big with silly Al Pacino Nazi-hunting series ‘Hunters’

Amazon Prime Promotes Torture

Amazon’s Epic FAILURE! Enraging LOTR Fans is NOT A Good Thing for The Rings of Power

CRACKA the Movie, Insane Left Wing Film About Black Masters Who Own White Slaves, This is Horrible.

Jews Pressure Spike Lee To Remove Any Evidence That Israel Was Behind 9/11 Attacks From His HBO Documentary

Seth Rogen: ‘I Am Actively Trying to Make Less Things Starring White People’

Jewish Film Star Maureen Lipman Demands Jews Portray Jews

The Plot Against America

Big Mouth

F Is for Family

Human Resources


Mr. Pickles

Our Cartoon President

Human Discoveries


Solar Opposites

Red vs. Blue

I Am ‘Red Pilled’ (I Am Weasel)

More Movie Trash

Escape Plan: The Extractors

Captain Marvel

Mortal Engines

12 Strong

Ocean’s Eight

Black Panther

What If…?

Archer (2009 TV series), An example of Hollywood portraying Germans

Doom Patrol – Always About The “Nazis”

Killing Private Kraut – Saving Private Ryan film analysis

Karen – The Movie

Dune – Official Trailer: Almost completely cleansed of White people!

Dune Remake Is Painfully Anti-White

Hollywood Anti-White Propaganda

About making movies in sh*thole countries and rape culture

Hollywood makes another anti-white movie

Non-White ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Peter Pan’ Propaganda

Shakespeare On Screen — The Latest ‘Macbeth’ Is Black, Paranoid And ‘Quintessentially Jewish’

How The Jewish Mob Used Sexual Blackmail To Derail Kefauver Committee Investigation Into Organized Crime In America

Hollywood Was Always Red

China compete with Israel on dominating the movie industry

Black James Bond – Replacing Whites in Films

007 is Now a Black Woman

007: The Woke is Not Enough

No Time to Die (2021)

Young Men: They Will Take Everything from You

“A Day to Die” Anti-White Propaganda!

The Little Mermaid

Soap Opera

Jews Accuse Motion Picture Museum Of ‘Conspiracy’ To Downplay Jewish Dominance Of Hollywood

Foot In Mouth — In Trying To Deny Jews Control Hollywood Jews Prove They Do

Jewish Music ‘Producer’ Mark Ronson Denies Jewish Domination Of The Music Industry

New Book Gaslights Americans About Existence Of ‘Jewish Literary Mafia’ Controlling Post-War Publishing Industry

The Secret Of Frank Sinatra’s Success — Illegal Gun-Running For Israeli Haganah Terrorists

Accuser Says She Massaged ‘Simpsons’ Creator Matt Groening in Epstein’s Private Jet

Simpsons Make a Pro Democrat Dumpster Fire Propaganda Piece

The Simpsteins

Hollywood’s Dark Fantasy About Killing Trump Voters

Our Cartoon President

Salvini Tells Richard Gere to Fly the 160 Stranded Migrants to Hollywood and House Them in his Villas.

How the Elite Uses Sexual Abuse for Control in Hollywood, Politics and Media


About (((Harvey Weinstein)))

Harvey Weinstein Accused of Being Transgender In Court Testimony

Harvey Weinstein guilty on two charges, acquitted on others in New York sexual assault case.

Harvey Weinstein Hit With New Sexual Assault Charges

“Gay Black Icon” Indicted For Sodomizing An Underage Boy

Heather O’Rourke

Ellen DeGeneres Enabled Gay Executive To Sexually Assault Staff

Actor Jussie Smollett to Be Indicted on 6 New Charges

When Bredon Fraser was sexually assaulted and blacklisted

John Travolta claimed he had to give blow jobs to (Jewish) Hollywood producers to get roles as a young boy. 

The Pedophile Propagandist Roots of Netflix

Netflix: What Can’t We Get Away With?

Bring Charges Against Netflix for ‘Distribution of Child Porn,’ GOP Lawmakers Tell DOJ Over ‘Cuties’

Netflix Cheer star Jerry Harris arrested for child porn

Oprah’s Psychic QUITS – Claims ‘Too Many Pedophiles’ In Her Circle To Be a Coincidence

Good News: Netflix is now dropping the development of new series and movies in Denmark

NYC PBS Airs Children’s Show Where “Drag Queens In Training” Learn To Swish Their Hips

Panty Raids in Movies from the 80s – Creepy Hollywood

Hollywood’s Jewish Pervert Problem


SHOCK REPORT: Charlie Sheen Raped 13-Year-Old Corey Haim During the Making of Their Movie ‘Lucas’.

Hollywood Producer Jordan Peele Says He Won’t Cast Whites

Fans Outraged After Actor Says He Likes Jordan Peterson

Disney Won’t Allow Spider-Man On 4 Year Old’s Headstone

The Great Replacement and “Dystopian/Sci-Fi” Movies

Netflix’s “Vikings: Valhalla” Turns White Ruler Of Norway In 975 A.D. Into A Black Viking Warrior Queen

Why is Wakanda allowed to be unabashedly and exclusively African, while Asgard has to be made multicultural, inclusive, and diverse?

The Black Panther – A Mediocre Film with Anti-White Narratives

Coming To Wakanda

The Black Computer Genius

Hollywood’s Black Presidents

Bloodsport – Frank Dux

Steven Seagal: Special Representative for Russia-US Cultural Links, Cultural and Historical Heritage

The same people own big pharma and the media

Ricky Gervais Handed Out Reality Checks Along With Golden Globe Awards Last Night



Star Wars

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Ticket Sales “Not Overly Robust”

(((Solo: A Star Wars Story)))


‘Solo’ becomes first Star Wars film to officially flop


Jews Invent Alt-Right Conspiracy Theory to Explain Bad Star Wars Reviews

Star Wars 8 is $120 Million Behind Star Wars 7

The Last Jedi: The Worst Star Wars Movie Ever Made

Star Wars Last Jedi Flops in China and More (LEGO, Google, CIA)

Why (((Feminism))) is Ruining Movies

Rogue One & “I’m With Her”

Everything Star Wars Stole From Dune

Black Pilled Movies:

Free Falling (Falling Down)

How Boomers Were Taught to Hate (Themselves) (Norma Rae)

The Nature of Power (Gangs of New York)

The Great Boomer Deception (Pleasantville)

Sacrifice Rules (The Cider House Rules)

A Box of Chocolates (Forrest Gump)

Nice Until We’re Not (Office Space)

Pawnbreaking Our Culture (The Pawnbroker)

Devotion to the Exotic (The Beach)

The Rise of Colossus (Colossus: The Forbin Project)

Soap Operas that Wash Your Mind (The Handmaid’s Tale – TV series)

The Benefits of No Attachments (No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits)

The Tale of Two Time Machines (The Time Machine 1960 film & 2002 film)

We Promise, You’re Unhappy (The Stepford Wives)

The Cure for Gentlemen (Gentleman’s Agreement)

Stand Still (The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951 and 2008)

The King of Joker Driver (Taxi Driver, The King of Comedy and Joker)

The Man Who Saved Europe (The House of Rothschild)

I’m With Stupid (Idiocracy)

Mr. Smith Gets Blackpilled (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)

The Future is Black (and Female) (Children of Men)

Fast Food Jesus (Saved!)

We are Living in Strange Days (Strange Days)

Diversity Training (The Office)

Mong Torino (Gran Torino)

Blackpilled: Black to the Future (In the Shadow of the Moon)

Family Ties (Family Ties)

The Most Echo Movie Ever (The Believer)

Civil War 2 (The Second Civil War)

Breakfast (The Breakfast Club)

Buck Breaker One-Niner (American Resurrection)

Merican Dream Edition (An American Carol)

Triple Feature (‘The Devil’s Advocate‘ 1997, ‘Up in the Air‘ 2009 and ‘I Care a Lot‘ 2020)

Retard Slayer (Friday the 13th: The Series)

Wrecked in the City (‘Sex and the City’ and ‘The Golden Girls’)

Uzi Heart Surgery (Highway to Heaven)

Dependence (Independence Day)

Dusk Sector (The Twilight Zone)

What a Country Edition (The Hunt for Red October)


Sexual abuse in Hollywood (Wikipedia)




Bill Cosby case

Kevin Spacey case


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