American SS


Discover the true story behind ‘The George Washington Legion’, the purported American SS unit, and the incredible story of one American officer’s defection to the Germans during World War II.

Mark Felton Productions


Read about WWII here

Zirkus Rosarius

Kampfgeschwader 200

The British Free Corps


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  3. Viking Life Blog · September 29

    The Americans that fought for Germany in World war II

    With World War II rapidly approaching, there was a call for the Volksdeutsche, – people of German heritage outside the Reich to return home to the Fatherland and help defend it.

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  4. I’ve listened to a few of his things now. Interesting stuff. He doesn’t virtue signal all that much, which is good. I hope he starts a trend of people soberly analysing things without having to shoot a bunch of flimflam up in it.

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    • Viking Life Blog · September 30

      I agree. I have posted a number of his videos, especially about The Netherlands.
      You can find them far down on the WWII page!

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  5. What I mean is, he might signal some, but his videos aren’t one big honking virtue signal with a little history sprinkled on top like most popular “historians. “

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