1. germanicunity · April 27, 2019

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  15. vhallkrimvost · January 21, 2020

    Why do the Poles leave their country for the West: liberalism. The free gibs of welfare, the pussified western men are looked down upon by the Poles which means their women are prey to the Poles, or degenerate Poles seeking to partake in the Politically Correct Thought Control Madness.

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    • Viking Life Blog · January 21, 2020

      A mix of it all (I guess), plus things to steal and good prison life.
      I have heard a lot of normie Danes calling them “østaber” which means ‘east monkies’. A lot of us, see Arabs, Africans and Eastern Europeans as more or less the same. I use #EasternEuropeIsOurMexico!, to make people in USA better understand.

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