Arkansas National Socialists Disrupt Holocaust Ceremony

Billy Roper

Every year, Jews organizing a Holocaust rally in Russellville, Arkansas. This year it was interrupted by a group of White National Socialists who shouted anti-Jew slogans, “six million more” from behind a police barricade.

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  1. Sockpuppet2012 · May 12, 2019

    Hey, Rabbi ….. watcha doin’? ;=)

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  2. Sockpuppet2012 · May 12, 2019

    (((Billy Roper))) ;=)

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    • vikinglifeblog · May 12, 2019

      Not him, too. Do you really think, he is one of them? I dont know, but will like to know more?


      • Sockpuppet2012 · May 12, 2019

        Either he’s an Agent, or he’s nutty ….. (((cui))) bono? ….. (((who))) benefits from insane stunts like this?

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    • vikinglifeblog · May 12, 2019

      I see your point. I wish everybody pro-white could agree to stop using the Hakenkreuz/Swastika/Hagekors, it is not working in a positive way anymore.

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    • vikinglifeblog · May 13, 2019

      lol, thanks. Imagine living with Hitler mustache and haircut. 🙂
      What do these people expect to gain from those kind of provocations: Hitler impersonators, Swastika Flags and NS symbols!
      There is a big difference between being a National Socialist and worshipping Hitler (as a god) and National Socialism as a religion.
      I don’t claim to know the formula for perfect balance, but I know we need to be pragmatic and not LARPing.


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