Swedish PM Vows to Outlaw “Neo-Nazi” Groups, Boost “Security for Jews”

Following query by World Jewish Congress, Stefan Lofven condemns anti-Semitic marches in country, says ‘Jewish life is an integral part of Swedish society’.

The Swedish prime minister has promised to outlaw “neo-Nazi” groups and other “racist organizations”, as well as boosting security for Jewish institutions in the country and improving “Holocaust education”, the World Jewish Congress (WJC) said in a statement on Tuesday.

In the letter, Lofven condemned the patriotic Nordic Resistance Movement and its “despicable” recent marches in the cities of Kungalv and Ludvika, adding that “it is a disgrace that the scum of history is rearing its ugly head today again.”

Citing insufficient legal sanctions on patriotic groups, the prime minister said the government would “shortly appoint a government inquiry to look into a ban on racist organizations and the criminalization of participation in such organizations.”

He added that his government was participating in several initiatives to “improve the conditions” for school and other visits to “Holocaust memorial”.

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Sweden: Jews Call for Ban on Nordic Resistance Movement

Nordic Resistance Movement


  1. thevoiceofnsreason · May 28, 2019

    kikes have NEVER been an integral part of any nation they have invaded! fucking cunt kikes…that pisses me off


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