Israel runs UK child abuse rings: 40 Friends of Israel who made the unthinkable real

Jimmy Savile 2006.jpg

The Zionist modus operandi for shaping politics, foreign policy and public opinion includes the use of Organised Child Sexual Abuse and Child Trafficking as a tool for rewarding, entrapping, controlling (blackmailing) and, when necessary, removing, parliamentarians and other key public office holders and VIPs. The organised, widespread trafficking and sexual abuse of children is employed throughout the world, including in the British Isles for decades, as an effective tool for advancing the cause and agenda of Greater Israel.
An under-appreciated fact is that supreme paedophile ‘fixer’ (procurer and supplier of children) SIR JIMMY SAVILE was a committed Zionist; indeed he once described himself as “the most Jewish Catholic you will ever meet”.

Read more here from Richie Allen via RuDarts.

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