We’re all Rhodesians now!

File:Flag of Rhodesia (1968–1979).svg

I am not a conservative because there is nothing left to conserve. Conservatism is slave ideology for yesterday’s men. Conservatives lack the strength, guts, bloodlust, and killer instinct that make winners. I advocate radical, revolutionary change that would make your head spin. I long for force and violence, which, as you well know, is the only way to uphold civilisation. Defending it is a perpetual struggle best left to those who are willing to kill for it. May I let you in on a secret? I dream of war, show trials, separation, liberation, and traitors’ corpses hanging from live oaks. But I suppose I’m getting ahead of myself here.

If Nationalists are to prevail, we first must take on the conservatives. And then the white liberals. Especially the white liberals. Their time will come. My (unsolicited) advice to young Nationalists is to finish university, get a job or found a company, start a family, buy property, infiltrate the power centres. Begin the long march. And above all, network as if your life depended on it. Which, in a way, it does. If you notice a tall, handsome, stylish chap lifting weights at the club or practising marksmanship at the local range, in a suit of Tweed, that would be me. I would be pleased to help ease you and yours into the new paradigm. But understand one thing. Ultimately the question is: Are you willing to do whatever it takes to win? That is the only question that matters. Search your heart for the answer. And cultivate your killer instinct. At some point the gloves must come off and we face our adversaries.

We’re all Rhodesians now.

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