Clown World 6

The FBI Browses 4chan

8chan, 4chans Little Brother is Being Raided by the FBI

How Time Preferences Make or Break Civilization

Iran Tanker Incident is Exactly What Israel Wants

Chicago Democrats Created the most Corrupt, Violent & Self-Segregated City in the Country!

POW Flag REPLACED With “Pride” Flag

Women Who Buy the Feminism Meme End Up OLD and ALONE

Oregon Will Now Arrest Whites Who Call the Police

Imagine if we had some sort of group or organization that projected people and country.

“As Jews We Have A Responsibility…” [To Encourage Illegal Migration]


They hate the fact that Mel Gibson is a great actor

Portland, Maine overrun with African migrants

They Live

Who is to Blame for YouTube Censorship?

Africa’s Population Boom: A Threat to the Future of Europe

Anti Trump Activists

South African Ambassador’s Anti-White Twitter Rant

Facebook Bans the Word HONK, We Are Living in Clown World!

Netherlands’ Nonwhite Crime Wave: Invaders 47 Times More Likely than Dutch to be In Jail

The Jewish War on Sweden

Sweden: Afghan Who Worked at a Migrant Integration Charity Arrested in Rape Case

The Linköping incident


Crazy Lady Kicked Off Flight for Harassing Trump Supporter Seated Next to Her


Israel: Netanyahu’s Wife Convicted Of Fraud

Bernie Madoff

Six Polish men indicted for 1.3 million kroner of theft of Lego

Judgment in unusual case of amphetamine production on Funen

The Free Sh*t Zombies of California are Destroying their State Chasing the Utopian Dream!

Gay Profiteering Corporations Target Kids

Man Jailed for Sharing Video of Brenton Tarrant’s Mosque Visit

Memphis Burns Over Identity Politics

Men Need Not Apply, Jobs Open Only to Women at University

Religion of peace.

World Downfall

Clown World 1

Clown World 2

Clown World 3

Clown World 4

Clown World 5



  1. Tar Baby · June 23, 2019

    “I be in nigger heaven, I gots me some free toilet paper.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • vikinglifeblog · June 24, 2019

      lol. Yeah, toilet paper of all things. A group of dindus are always a moment away from chimpout.

      Liked by 1 person

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