The Strange Death of Heinrich Himmler

Himmler’s corpse after his “suicide” by cyanide poisoning, May 1945

Himmler allegedly committed suicide by using a cyanide pill after being captured.

This has been questioned with the suggestion that Himmler was murdered. One example is the revisionist Arthur Butz who have stated that “It is most unfortunate that Himmler was a “suicide” while in British captivity because, had he been a defendant at the IMT, his situation would have been such that he would have told the true story (being fully informed and not in a position to shift responsibility to somebody else), and books such as the present book would not be necessary because the major material could be read in the IMT trial transcript. But then, you see, it was not within the bounds of political possibility that Himmler live to talk at the IMT.

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David Irving’s dossier on Heinrich Himmler


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  3. Tar Baby · June 25, 2019

    That was absolutely NOT Himmler who died in British custody. Beginning with his “arrest,” everything about this incident is sketchy in the extreme. “Himmler” was traveling with six or seven companions, all of them dressed in identical SS MILITARY POLICE uniforms. They were all carrying crudely forged identity documents. They approached a river, which they wanted to cross. They milled about, on the side of this river, opposite a British check-point. There was a low bridge over the almost dry river. They dicked around, suspiciously, for HALF AN HOUR, before crossing the bridge. They COULD have crossed a couple of hundred yards downstream, as HUNDREDS of other people were doing, and avoid the British check-point altogether. They all presented the OBVIOUSLY FORGED documents, to the British MPs, while wearing SS UNIFORMS. They were all immediately arrested. They were all in custody for something like two hours, nobody, on the British side believing they had such a “prize” in their custody, when “Himmler” blurted out, spontaneously, “I’m Heinrich Himmler.” He was immediately separated from the other prisoners and body-searched by a doctor, which was repeated about two more times before he “committed suicide.” A British Army official photographer took dozens of pictures of the dead body, including the one at the beginning of this article. The pictures absolutely prove that the body is NOT that of Himmler. Look closely at the photo. The nostrils are NOT symmetrical; one is MUCH larger than the other. This will be explained next.

    The only “autopsy” was performed by a doctor who had never before performed one. He did not cut open the body, he just spent several hours MEASURING the head, face, and body of the deceased, noting any anomalies or abnormalities. THAT was this doctor’s SPECIALTY; measuring physical deformities/abnormalities. He detected NUMEROUS examples of non-symmetrical features on the face of the subject. His face was HIDEOUSLY deformed and out of symmetry, including the NOSTRILS. No picture or other evidence has ever shown the real Himmler to have any of these features. Also, as the doctor cataloged every feature on the body, he DID NOT note the two faint dueling scars which the real Himmler was known to have, although they were routinely air-brushed out of official photographs.

    The #1 most telling piece of evidence may have been shoved down the memory hole. It is a photographic close-up of the side and back of the body’s HEAD. Himmler was famous for his “high and tight” haircut. Just a little hair on top and SHAVED on the sides. I have seen a picture, which I now cannot find, that shows a mass of hair on both the sides and the CURLY, LONG hair on the BACK OF THE NECK. “Himmler” and his buds were arrested just TWO WEEKS after the surrender and all that hair would have taken SIX MONTHS to grow to that length. The long hair is somewhat visible in the other photos but the missing photo is the equivalent to the Zapruder film.

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    • vikinglifeblog · June 25, 2019


      “They were all carrying crudely forged identity documents.”

      I would guess, that even at that point of the war a man like Himmler could get any real identity documents he wanted. He was part of the government, that made the papers.

      “British check-point”

      Good point. Danish Waffen SS soldiers walked from the last stand in Berlin and all the way back to Denmark. He was already at the Danish border. It was at least possible to avoid arrest.

      “His face was HIDEOUSLY deformed and out of symmetry, including the NOSTRILS”

      That could have been because they beaten him to death. That seems like a plausible explanation.
      Similar to the death of Rudolf Hess, this is strange and we know how dishonest our governments are.

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      • Tar Baby · June 26, 2019

        The doctor who examined the body didn’t record a single bruise or wound of any kind. He described a syndrome that affects only one person in a thousand. I can’t recall the name of the medical condition. Himmler got a very late start in the private company ruse that made hundreds of millions of Reichmarks, EACH YEAR, for Goering. At one point, Goering had 200,000 employees in his various for-profit companies. Himmler didn’t start acquiring companies until 1943, but his acquisitions skyrocketed because of the persuasive influence of the SS and the GESTAPO. Himmler, therefore, had a shit-load of money at his disposal. He could, with money or threats, get ANY totally valid passport, from ANY country, in ANY name, with HIS real picture in it. How about a totally valid diplomatic passport from the Vatican, Argentina, or any other country on the planet? Instead, he walks around in an SS uniform with papers he got in a box of Cracker Jacks? He could have commandeered a 4-engine bomber or a submarine. In some obscure book on the Third Reich, I remember reading an account by a lowly lieutenant, who was an aide to Himmler. The aide said that each and EVERY morning, the Reichfuhrer SS would review the file of every single person, in Germany, who had been arrested by the various components of the Reich Main Security Office, in the previous 24 hours. There was a pile of reports on his desk every morning. This aide stated that one day, while looking over Himmler’s shoulder at the reports, he looked at one and said, “Herr Reichfuhrer, that one looks a lot like YOU.” Himmler took that file and put it in a drawer in his desk. I believe the fake Himmler DID crunch down on a cyanide capsule and was forced to do this by giving this man’s family a large amount of money and safe passage out of Germany. Otherwise, the man AND his entire family would have been introduced to the guillotine. I figure both Himmler and Hitler lived, for many years, on that huge ranch in Western Argentina

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      • Tar Baby · July 15, 2019

        I still can’t find the photo which shows the long, curly hair on the back of the neck, but this photo shows, pretty clearly, the mass of hair which was supposed to have grown in TWO WEEKS.

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      • Tar Baby · July 15, 2019

        Sorry, I can’t post the photo.

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    • vikinglifeblog · June 26, 2019

      “He could, with money or threats, get ANY totally valid passport, from ANY country, in ANY name, with HIS real picture in it. How about a totally valid diplomatic passport from the Vatican, Argentina, or any other country on the planet?”

      I believe so. Especially in Germany, Austria and countries under German influence.

      “He could have commandeered a 4-engine bomber or a submarine.”

      Yes. On 17 August 1945, over 3 months after Germany’s surrender, the submarine U-977 suddenly appeared in Argentina.:

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  4. Ellie Wolfe · July 5, 2019

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  5. albertrudolf · July 8, 2019
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