South Africa: Farm Attacks on Whites Increase 86% Since 1990

There have been at least 5,148 anti-white farm attacks in South Africa since 1990, during which at least 1,223 farmers, their family members and workers have been murdered – a total increase of 86 percent, according to new official figures.

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Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society again Demands US Take in “Refugees” – But not in Israel

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society – the Jewish organization targeted by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers on account of its pro-Third World invasion activity – has launched a petition signed by over 1,400 rabbis demanding that the US take in all fake asylum seekers from Latin America – while continuing to support Israel, which refuses to take in any “refugees” at all.

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754 Violent Attacks Every Day in Majority Nonwhite London

Official police statistics from the UK’s capital city – which became majority nonwhite nearly a decade ago – have revealed that there are at least 754 violent attacks there every day, and that crime overall is increasing at the rate of over ten percent every six months.

According to the Metropolitan Police’s “Crime Data Dashboard” reporting service, from January to June 2019 there were:

125,190 thefts reported ( January to June 2018 105,596);

108,084 assaults and violent attacks (January to June 2018 102,829);

61,497 vehicle offenses (January to June 2018 54,056);

40,409 burglaries (January to June 2018 39,442);

28,067 arson and criminal damage incidents (January to June 2018 28,430);

This gives a total number of crimes for the period January to June 2019 of 448,309, compared to 407,354 in the first six months of June 2018 – a ten percent increase.

These figures also translate to 688 thefts per day; 594 assaults and violent attacks per day; 388 vehicle offenses per day; 222 burglaries per day; 154 arson and criminal damage cases per day; 137 public order offenses per day; 120 drug offenses per day; 105 robberies per day; and 55 sexual offenses per day.

In addition, the number of homicides committed in the same six-month period stands at 67, with a significant proportion of those killed resulting from the black and mixed-race gang wars which have laid waste to vast stretches of suburban London.

In 2018/19, the number of knife crime offences recorded in London reached almost 15,000 – an increase of more than five thousand compared with 2015/16.

Although black knife crime in London receives more media attention, other nonwhite-related crimes are on the increase as well. In 2017 for example there were 465 acid attacks recorded by the Metropolitan Police, compared with just 77 in 2012.

Moped crime – which sees mainly black and mixed-race gangs swoop on stores and escape on mopeds – has seen an even greater increase than acid attacks, rising from just over 9,000 offences in 2016 to almost 24,000 in 2017.

London became majority nonwhite in 2010, according to the 2011 census, and the clear link between the slide into a majority Third World population and the staggering increase in crime is obvious to all but the willingly blind.

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The Daily Archives

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An Examination of the New Violent Left in America

The Tactical Hermit

(By The Tactical Hermit)

Since Donald Trump was elected President in 2016 and the left-tards started throwing public temper tantrums akin to five year-old’s who do not get their way. The general consensus in the Conservative Patriot Community was “What do we really have to fear from a group of people with purple hair who don’t even know which bathroom to use?” But recent tragic events at the ICE Detention Center in Washington State requires all of us to prudently re-evaluate the REALISTIC THREAT LEVEL these people and their organizations really pose.

Sun Tzu tells us in The Art of War that in order to be victorious against an enemy, we must “Know the enemy as we know ourselves.” So in keeping with that wisdom, let us briefly outline the birth of radical left-wing militancy in the United States.

In the book Days of Rage: America’s Radical Underground, The FBI…

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Surprise Idiots – Gun Free Zone Signs Don’t Work!

Salty Cracker

Two children killed in shooting that left gunman dead at Gilroy Garlic Festival in San Francisco Bay Area.

  • 3 killed, including a 6-year-old boy, a 13-year-old girl and a man in his 20s, and 12 others wounded in a shooting at the popular Gilroy Garlic Festival some 80 miles southeast of San Francisco
  • Gilroy police quickly shot and killed a gunman
  • The deceased gunman has been identified as Santino William Legan, 19
  • Authorities are investigating whether a “potential second suspect” was involved in the plot
  • 5 remain hospitalized, with three in serious-to-fair condition


Legan’s since-deleted Instagram account says he is Italian and Iranian.