MG-42: German Machine Gun

Today we look at the German MG-42, which was the most infamous machine gun introduced in the war, capable of shredding through any target.

MG42 Sideview 2.jpg

German MG-42

1,200 rounds/min (varied between 900–1,500 rounds/min with different bolts)
Practical: 153 rounds/min – Fully-automatic only .


German Auto and Semi-Auto Weapons, up to 1945 (no rifles)

Was the MG 42 truly better than the MG 34?

Read about WWII here

Occasionally people seem to disregard the bipod on the MG 42 (and also that on the MG 34 which was very similar) since it so “floppy”. Yet, as Philipp – a former MG gunner in the Swiss Army – explains the “floppiness” makes a lot of sense, if the weapon is actually used in its intended way, namely as a military weapon in the offense and defense.

Military History Visualized

German Squad Tactics in World War 2


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