London, UK: Chasidic Jews Ban Women from Driving

The leaders of a major Jewish Chasidic sect in north London, UK, have banned women from driving, saying that it was “immodest” – and their move has been supported by their official women’s organization.

Read more here from The Daily Archives

Benefit fraud and tax evasion is common practice in Stamford Hill Orthodox Jewish community, High Court hears.

UK: Orthodox Jews Charged with £19 million Fake Drug Ring, Money Laundering


U.K. Political Analyst: Jews “Disproportionately Influential In Business, Professions, And Sciences”

In 1997, when Tony Blair was elected as the new Prime Minister of the U.K., the Jewish Telegraphic Agency ran a story, demonstrating how a small, but very powerful group of Jews in the U.K. were key to his victory.

Read more here at Christians For Truth


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