Nationalism refers to different, sometimes competing, ideologies/movements supporting different nations. Views on nations and nationalism vary, politically correct views seeing the movements/ideologies as recent social constructs, less politically correct views as having partially genetic and racial origins.

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A nation is the sense of ethnic/racial nationalism is an ethnic/racial community with shared (genetic) ancestry, shared identity, and shared (genetic) interests.

Ethnicity, nation, and race are related terms with ethnicity emphasizing cultural aspects, nation emphasizing political aspects, and race emphasizing genetic aspects.


Ethnic/racial nationalism is often associated with a particular territory and support for greater autonomy/independence for this territory, if it is not already independent. Also this may have partially genetic causes. See Racial genetic interests: Ethnicity and territory.

Race mixing, ethnic heterogeneity, and mass immigration

Ethnic/racial nationalism often argues against race mixing, ethnic heterogeneity, and mass immigration, arguing that these are against the genetic interests of the race/ethnicity, as well as causing other negative effects. See the articles on effects of race mixing, ethnic heterogeneity, and migration.

Nation states

A state is in one sense a political entity with a high degree of sovereignty over a particular territory. A state can be an independent country, but need not be, such as in a federation of states.

A “nation state” occurs when (almost) all members of a state are members of one nation. Ethnic/racial nationalist movements typically support nation states for their nations and often preferably nation states that are independent countries. They may also argue more generally that all nations have the right to nation states.

The members of a particular nation may be divided among several nation states and/or not live in nation states. A nation state may or may not include all or parts of the traditionally ancestral territory of a nation.

The word “state” is sometimes used in a different sense, as a synonym for “government”, but that is not the sense intended in nation state.

Nation and nationalism as claimed recent social constructs

Critics of ethnic/racial nations and nationalism often claim that they are recent social construct, that were created and maintained in order to increase internal support among the population for a country and its regime. Nation states and nationalism are often seen as 19th-century European creations, associated with developments such as obligatory state-mandated education, mass literacy, and mass media, supposedly creating in the general population socially constructed senses of national identity and nationalism. This is associated with seeing races as recent social constructs and race denialism.

Civic nationalism

Civic nationalism” is different from ethnic/racial nationalism. “Nation” is interpreted as being similar in meaning to country. Nationalism is therefore interpreted as being support for a particular country, without this having deeper ethnic/racial foundations.

Such forms of argued nationalism can then include support for multiracial/multicultural countries, which consist of many different groups with few shared interests and identities, except possibly a superficial, artificially created civic “nationalist” identity.

See also the article on Civic nationalism.

“Nationalist” and “nationalistic”

The word “nationalistic” is according to one dictionary “always used to indicate disapproval of someone’s views.

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