Schloss Gelting / Gut Gelting

The estate had been in the possession of the Danish king since 1231 at the latest; In the Liber census Daniae, a tax registration document listing the possessions and income of King Waldemar II Sejr, it is mentioned as “Gylting”.

The Danish Census Book or the Danish book of land taxation (Latin: Liber Census Daniæ), (Danish: Kong Valdemars Jordebog) dates from the 13th century and consists of a number of separate manuscripts. The original manuscripts are now housed in the Danish National Archives (Rigsarkivet) in Copenhagen.

Gut Gelting is a manor house in northern Germany, located in the town of Gelting about 25 km east of Flensburg in Angel, southern Schleswig.

The heyday of the castle occurred when the enterprising merchant, the Frisian Sønke Ingwersen in 1758 was lured to Denmark by King Frederik 5.. Ingwersen, who had earned large sums of money on colonial trade in the Netherlands, was Adlet, appointed to Baron and bought Gelting from the king. Ingwersen, now named Seneca Baron von Geltingen, was in 1777 ‘s free lord of the German-Roman emperor.

The castle is a three-sided main building from the 1770s, located on an old square rampart surrounded by water pits and ground ramparts with corner bastions. However, in its core building parts from the 1470 ‘s, the east wing has a round corner tower where a chapel is housed in the 1920s. As something unusual, the main building has large, Dutch sliding windows that completely dominate the façade. This move is undoubtedly due to the developer’s familiarity with Dutch culture.

The castle’s opulent interiors are distinguished among other things. At the many elegant white stucco works in Rococo performed 1777-1783 by Michel Angelo Taddei (1755-1831) from Lugano, who also created the stucco decorations in the garden hall at Augustenborg Castle.

The garden facility was built 1775 by Johann Caspar Bech Stedt, but has disappeared today.



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