Jews Ethnically Cleansing Gaza, Sending Palestinians to Europe, Israeli Govt. Admits

Israel is busy ethnically cleansing Gaza and actively seeking to export that population to Europe, a senior Israeli Government official has told The Times of Israel, boasting that last year alone, 35,000 Gazans were permanently resettled in white nations.

In an article titled “Israel actively pushing Palestinian emigration from Gaza, official says,” the Times of Israel quoted an anonymous “senior Israeli official” as saying that “Israel is actively promoting the emigration of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, and is working to find other countries who may be willing to absorb them.”

Read more here from The Daily Archives


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  2. tonytran2015 · August 25, 2019

    (((They))) deny ever comitted genocides, ethnic cleansing!
    Anyway (((they))) never pay any compensation to the victims.

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