Denmark: A quarter of all traffic convicted are migrants and asylum seekers

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Last year, a total of 102,478 people were convicted in court for violations of the Road Traffic Act, and one in four of the convicted are foreigners with a residence permit in Denmark.

So immigrants.

It is a total of 24,931 people, of whom 432 are asylum seekers, who are also helping to make roads unsafe as soon as they put their feet on Danish soil.

The way in which so many asylum seekers have been able to afford vehicles of different kinds is a completely different side of the matter.

Among the toughest traffic offenders, a total of 78 immigrants and two asylum seekers were sentenced to unconditional prison sentences.

The same was 657 Danish citizens, but here the ethnic origin must be taken with a certain grain of salt in that approximately half of all non-western inmigrate have Danish citizenship and thus also become registers as Danish citizens.

It is the safety of peaceful and lawful road users and pedestrians who are at stake here.

Source: Den Korte Avis

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