Clown World 10

Arabs, Africans, Eastern Europeans, Jews, Muslims, etc. are not going to say ‘oh it was wrong of us to invade your countries and parasite on you’. No they will keep pushing and pushing till there are so few of us and so many of them, that they can go from a demographic genocide to a violent genocide.

Viking Life Blog

Nursery children of non-western parents are inferior at speaking Danish, have an inferior mathematical understanding and have inferior social skills than children of Danish parents, the study of 13,000 children in Denmark shows.

Denmark: A quarter of all traffic convicted are migrants and asylum seekers

Are you not entertained?

Dangerous Waters

Remember Vince

High Blood Sugar Quick Fix Kit

Stretching: Is it GOOD or BAD?

TACTICAL Training 101

Squat Depth

Twice as Effective as Metformin!

4 Week Training Plan

The Norwegian (training) experiment

Training Programs

Mass Shooters 2019

America Just Had a Black Mass Shooting, So Why Isn’t the Media Talking About It?


The only socially acceptable racism today is racism against whites

Nordic Resistance Movement Held this Year’s Edition of Nordic Days

The FBI Just Took Away a Veteran’s Guns

Love Your Folk!

How Whites Can Regain What They Have Lost – South Africa

“My Honour is Loyalty”

UK: Defiant National Socialist Jailed for “Stirring Up Racial Hatred” with Stickers

Drag queen Story Hour Brings Multiple Pedos To One Library

Epstein’s Body Secretly Placed in Unmarked Florida Tomb

The Straight Pride Parade is Red Pilling Normies

SJWs Are Mass Flagging Videos About Zoe Quinn’s Body Count


Trade War Escalates After China Puts Tariffs on US

USA vs China: Global Economy & the Arms Race of a new Cold War

Trump’s Trade War Threat to China

China Sends the Military to Crush Hong Kong

Chinese Troops “Rotate” Into Hong Kong

Canada: Reservist with Alleged Links to “neo-Nazi Group” Relieved of Service

White Power Stickers Caused Liberal Outcry in New York Town

Creepy Joe Biden Forgets Barack Obama’s Name

Democrats ‘Declare War’ on White Nationalism

Jack Dorsey Gets Hacked

Ku Klux Klan Donation Account Censored by PayPal

School SUSPENDS Student Because He Went to Gun Range

Chuck Schumer FURIOUS that Trump is Finally Building the Wall

Father Sent to Jail for Condemning Judge For Death of His Son

“Why Don’t We Murder More White People Film” Aired by Liberals

Facebook And Instagram Are Removing Like Counts To Hide The Popularity Of WrongThink Ideas


Jews Outraged over “Nazi Propaganda” on Amazon

YouTube Removed 100 THOUSAND Videos in 6 Weeks for “Offensive” Content

Jewish Supremacists Would Erase Hitler’s Birth House from Existence

Israel vs Saudi Arabia: Who’d win in a war?

Netanyahu Predicted 9/11 in 1995

The Jews behind the 1919 Spartacist Uprising in Berlin



Dark Phoenix (2019)


Introducing, (((CUCK THE MOVIE)))

Eco Fascist Destroys Environment While Lecturing About Climate Change

DEEP GREEN: ‘Hot Economic Warfare’ Scrambling for Rare-Earth Minerals

AfD outperforms polls in Saxony and Brandenburg!

What happened to Germany’s awesome aircraft manufacturers

Atlas Elektronik

Read about WWII here

Dangerous Waters

The Great Popeye’s Chicken Shortage

Racist anti-white dictator Robert Mugabe is dead!

Putting Blacks ‘at the Very Center’ of American History

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