Tintin & Léon Degrelle

Georges Rémi, who became known as Tintin’s creator under the name Hergé, used to be friends withn a certain Léon Degrelle. In 1929, they both worked for the same  Catholic newpaper in Brussels. The first strips of Tintin were published there, and later in his book Tintin, mon copain, Degrelle claimed that he was the real model for Tintin. The journalist Degrelle became more and more personally involved with politics. He became the chief ideologist and leader of the Belgian equivalent to Nazism, Rexism. As a volunteer in Hitler’s army, he also earned decorations as a war-hero at the Eastern front, before withdrawing to Franco’s Spain where he remained until his death. As for Hergé himself, he basically shared the same convictions during the War, and only made his lip service to democracy when it was clear that Germany had lost.

Åbo Akademi

Léon Joseph Marie Ignace Degrelle (French: [dəgʁɛl]; 15 June 1906 – 31 March 1994) was a Belgian politician and NS collaborator. Degrelle rose to prominence in the 1930s as the leader of the Catholic authoritarian Rexist Party in Belgium. During the German occupation in World War II, he enlisted in the German army and fought in the Walloon Legion on the Eastern Front. After the collapse of the Hitler regime, Degrelle went into exile in Francoist Spain where he remained a prominent figure in neo-NS politics.


From Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt.

Leon Degrelle’s Escape to Spain 1945

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Georges Prosper Remi (French: [ʁəmi]; 22 May 1907 – 3 March 1983), known by the pen name Hergé (/ɛərˈʒ/;French: [ɛʁʒe]), was a Belgian cartoonist. He is best known for creating The Adventures of Tintin, the series of comic albums which are considered one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century. He was also responsible for two other well-known series, Quick & Flupke (1930–1940) and The Adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko (1936–1957). His works were executed in his distinct ligne claire drawing style.


From Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt.

Tintin is standing in a group amongst the main characters of the comics series.

The Adventures of Tintin


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