The History of Denmark

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The History of Denmark

The History of Denmark (WordPress)

Thanks to Seax


The Real Denmark

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The Kalmar Union

Make Scandinavia Danish Again!

Make Scandinavia Danish Again! – Kalmar Union 2.0

Sverigestan submit to your Danish overlords!

Relateret billede

Flag of Denmark


Isted Lion

Holsten Gate in Lübeck

Schleswig, Holstein, and Lauenburg

Denmark, Norway and Sweden

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Constitution Day

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Nationwide Genomic Study in Denmark Reveals Remarkable Population Homogeneity

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Greenland belongs to Denmark and the Danish people!

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Kronborg – Helsingør

Rosenborg Castle

Amalienborg Palace

Frederiksborg Castle

Fredensborg Palace

Charlottenlund Palace

Frederiksberg Palace, Frederiksberg City Hall / Command Central

Augustenborg Palace

Aalholm Castle

Vallø Slot


Gråsten Palace

Krenkerup Gods

Skjoldenæsholm Castle


Moltke’s Mansion

Copenhagen City Hall

Valdemar’s Castle, Egeskov and Svendborg

Kronborg Castle and Helsingør Shipyard

Sønderborg Castle and Sønderborg Shipyard

Korsør Shipyard and Fortress

More to come.

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Denmark in WWII

Political drama in occupied Denmark

Free Corps Denmark

Free Corps Denmark – Witness To Soviet War Crimes

Operation Weserübung

German invasion of Denmark (1940)

World First Successfully Paratrooper Attack

The Six Hour War: 1940 German Invasion of Denmark: History Matters (Short Animated Documentary).

Denmark’s collaboration with Germany, during World War II

A Legacy of Dead German Children

Die Sahnefront

Panzer Unit Still Serving After German Defeat – Denmark 1945

The British invasion of Denmark and the ‘Stab in the Back’.


Madsen: Danish Weapons Manufacturer

Højgaard & Schultz


B&W 1942

Aarhus was strategically important for Germany doing WWII



Denmark–Germany relations


Danish-German sports cooperation, 1940-1945

WWII – Where did the Germans live?


Holmen 1943

The Soviet Occupation of Bornholm

Rønne Harbour After the Russians Attacked 1945

Danish shipyards worked for the Danish Navy and the German Navy during the occupation 1940-45.

Christian Peder Kryssing was the highest ranked foreigner in Waffen-SS as a SS-Brigadeführer.


Documentary Sheds Light Upon Unrepentant Danish “Nazi Rock Star”

How Hitler decided to launch the largest bike theft in Denmark’s history

Read about WWII here


  1. Seax · September 16, 2019

    I don’t know the ethnic breakdown of your readership, but I’m an Anglo.

    It’s often forgotten that ancient Anglo-Saxon history owes Denmark a massive tract of history. The whole Angeln region being located in what is now Denmark, et cetera. Nevermind later interaction in England proper.

    In tracking my own family name, which I was formerly led to believe is Irish, might actually be Danish in reality.

    My own etymological research was bolstered by learning that there are two possible haplogroup. H1 is “Northwest European” suggesting “Viking influence.” H2 is Central European suggesting “Norman Influence.” Either case bolsters my whole Denmark theory.

    So any Anglos reading: study some Danish history. You might learn something about yourself.

    There’s my effort post for the morning.

    Liked by 2 people

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