1. tonytran2015 · September 18, 2019

    US social security and migration systems got sucked and they are still in denial!


    • vikinglifeblog · September 18, 2019

      lol. Yes, she is black.

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      • tonytran2015 · September 18, 2019

        Seriously, I think that USA has been paralized by parasites and cannot last for another 20 years.
        The woman clearly committed fraud against immigration laws and can remain a Congressional member.
        The next Empire to rule the World may be China or (Putin’s nationalist) Russia.

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    • vikinglifeblog · September 18, 2019

      I am afraid you are right.
      As it is now, I don’t think China and Russia are strong enough to take over if USA just “stopped”. Not even the two together, but a lot can happen in a few decades. I think, that China are planning to become the ‘next Empire to rule the World’. Building aircraft carriers, is a sign of that.

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  2. Stephen W Haddon · September 19, 2019

    Omar is a bigamist, and should be removed from Congress ASAP!


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