6.2 Million Nonwhites Have Demanded “Asylum” in Europe since January 2011

At least 6.2 million nonwhites pretending to be “refugees” have demanded that whites in Europe give them “asylum” since January 2011, a review of official statistics issued by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) have shown.

2018: 634,700 “asylum applications”

2017: 728,470 “asylum applications”

2016: 1,291,785 “asylum applications”

2015: 1,392,155 “asylum applications”

2014: 662,680 “asylum applications”

2013: 435,760 “asylum applications”

2012: 335,365 “asylum applications”

2011: 301,000 “asylum applications”

These figures, added to the 400,100 applications registered in 2019, means that there have been a total of 6,182,015? “asylum seekers” demanding that whites give them food, money and shelter, in Europe since 2011.

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