Archetypes in Action: Wolf

The Sperg Box

Totemic Archetypes have accompanied European man for far longer than there has been, indeed, a European Man. These take the shape, often, of animals. Sometimes these are revered, or feared, and other times they invoke awe, convoke exuberance. Different ages have carried different totems, and no age has been without the benefit of one such or another of these archetypes. They prefigure in myth and legend, they inspire heraldry and vexillography. They are, like archetypes of any variety, living artefacts of our society and culture. And like so much of our culture they have been sublimated and driven into what might be recalled as the universal subconscious.

One of the most famous Archetypes, enjoying a nearly universal acclaim within Europe and without, is the Wolf. The Wolf is often seen as a noble animal, or else an instrument of horror – sometimes both. To the Fathers of Rome, who one…

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