Clown World 11

Danish City Replaced its Walking Signs with Little Vikings

15 Ukrainian men arrested for illegal work on a construction site in Hedehusene (Denmark).

A 36-year-old Hungarian man is arrested and charged with attempting to smuggle 120,000 rivotril tablets into Denmark.

Three young women aged 17 and 18 respectively were subjected to a flare-up, while lying asleep in a dorm room at Stentevej 39 in Nyborg, Denmark.

The Copenhagen police want to warn Polish invaders against Polish trick thieves who pretend to be from the police.

Border control revealed Turkish hash smugglers

Two Lithuanian men were convicted of theft.

Two Nigerians convicted of smuggling 1.7 kg of cocaine

Lithuanian man sentenced to prison for stealing truck with food

48-year-old Somali citizen convicted of violent robbery in Aarhus (Denmark)

North Sealand Police seeking witnesses to rape in Lyngby (Denmark)

Lithuanians convicted of organised break-in of bicycle shops

A 44-year-old man from Aarhus (a national of Burundi) has been sentenced to a year and two months in prison at the court of Aarhus and a warning of expulsion of the country, for the rape of a 34-year-old woman.

Denmark, Maine

The History of Denmark

The Denmark we all know and love!

National Socialism is Back: Nordic Resistance Write History in Iceland

Norway: National Socialists Convicted for “Hate Speech” for Showing a Swastika

Nigerian Rapper (in Sweden) Calls For White People To Be Shot & Taken as Slaves

The Death of Nordic Free Speech and Democratorship’s Complete Takeover in Sweden (by Nordic Resistance Movement).

EUGENICS: ‘Lebensborn’, Children of Shame – Norway’s Dark Secret

Swedish town revolts against clown world

We Dare to Win and Write History Again and Again

Leprosy Outbreak In L.A.Thanks To Lefties & Open Borders

San Francisco Homeless Keep Biting People

Somali Gangs Robbing & Attacking Whites In Minneapolis

Ilhan Omar Deletes Tweet Proving She Married Her Brother

Interracial Crime: Denial, Deceit, and Delusion

Massachusetts University Sci-Tech Symposium Bans Whites

Car Plows Into Trump Plaza | Media Claims Accident w/o Proof

MS-13 Gang Murders Highlight Extent of Nonwhite Invasion of US East Coast

New Arrests in US Demonstrate Mass Illegal Immigration is always Nonwhites Invading White Nations.

Kevin Spacey Accuser Ends Up Dead

Ed Buck, Democrat donor, arrested, charged with running drug den after latest guest overdose.

Democrat Super Donor Keeps Killing Black Drug Addicts | Gets Arrested

Climate Change Warriors Stuck In Arctic Ice Need Fossil Fuel For Rescue

What’s behind South Africa’s xenophobic violence?

New Stands Available

China Is Taking Women from Burma

Chinese Combat Drones Are Invading Europe To Protect Belt and Road

China’s Hidden Navy: The Maritime Militia

10 Most Air Polluted Cities in China

Why the Pentagon Fears Chinese Drones

Ban on Eating Dogs and Cats Blocked in UK — It Might Offend Asian Migrants

Wojak & The Solution To The Incel Problem

Momento Mori

The Cure for Gentlemen

Forbes SLAMMED Because 99% of Innovators are Men

Shades of Yggdrasil

Did Slavery Make America Rich?

About Germanic People

Small Town In Ireland Fights Back Against Open Borders

About male and female

6.2 Million Nonwhites Have Demanded “Asylum” in Europe since January 2011

Hacker 4chan Pulls off 4D Chess | Operation /IIRAW/

Archetypes in Action: Wolf

REEEEEEing About Rambo: Last Blood

Intro to Ham Radio

Who’s Your Venus?


BREXIT – The People VS Parliament

England Belongs To Us | Patriotic Alternative Conference Speech

Ban on Eating Dogs and Cats Blocked in UK — It Might Offend Asian Migrants


UK: National Socialists Threat to Kill Top Police Officer

Police Warn that “Accused Neo-Nazi” Canadian Soldier Could Have Fled to U.S.

U.S. Lawmakers Want Closer Tracking of “White Supremacy, Nazi Sympathizers” in the Military.

D.C. Man Who Identified as a “Neo-Nazi” Will Be Released from Custody

U.S. Homeland Security Investigating Swastika Drawn in Building

Another MAGA Hate Crime Hoax Foiled

It’s All About Disarming White America: Democrats Refuse to Use Red Flag Laws on Gang Databases (The Left Calls Gang Databases Racist for Only Including People of Color).

Department of Homeland Security strategy adds “white supremacy” to list of threats

Trump Administration Agreement with Mexico Brings 56% Decline in Nonwhite Invasion


German City Fights National Socialist Propaganda with Antifa Graffiti

“Neo-Nazi” Elected Head of Council in German Village

German Ministers Demand Ban on Blood and Honour’s Combat 18

The War for Germany Continues: 609 “Attacks” on Invaders Jan.-Jun. 2019

Burg Ronneburg

Aachen 1944 – America’s Mini Stalingrad

Hürtgen 1944 – America’s Meat Grinder

Ardennes Alamo 1944 – Last Stand at Clervaux Castle

Hitler in Paris

A Startling New Look at Hitler and His Place in History

EUGENICS: ‘Lebensborn’, Children of Shame – Norway’s Dark Secret

KLEINIGKEITEN: Anachronisms in Cultural Depictions of World War II

The Evolution of the Porsche in National Socialist Germany

Tintin & Léon Degrelle

The Boogaloo is inevitable.

Delete Yourself

NPC University The Evaluation

NPC University Changes

SO IT BEGINS! Google Antitrust Starts

Lawmakers DEMAND Google Turn Over Internal Emails and Algorithms

Was PewDiePie Blackmailed? YouTubers FURIOUS Over Donation to ADL

Did PewDiePie PUNK the ADL?

Barbara Spectre Is Back

We MUST Transform Europe ((( Barbara Lerner Spectre)))

Israel Accused of SPYING ON TRUMP With Secret Spy Devices Placed at White House

Boy with Hitler Moustache Perform National Socialist Salute Outside Synagogue


Paul Krugman Has a Message for White Rural Americans

Anti$emitism Bill

Who Created Facebook? New Letter from Alleged Insider Claims Zuckerberg is a Frontman for Military Intelligence.

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