If I Had a Hammer


The Serpent's Loft

Years ago I wrote an entry in another blog, which seems like another life ago, about the esoteric symbolism of the hammer. It came about that I began to really think about the hammer when I bought my first pair of working hammers. This was about three years ago to the date of this entry when I quit my job working in Special Education in Naples and went to work for the Family Business. Really, I returned to working for the family business. I was raised into it, and I thought I needed to go elsewhere to prove myself.

Turns out working for/with family is a far greater testament to your character than working for/with expendable strangers. It’s true, by the time I quit Special Ed. my co-workers were no strangers. More than some of them wanted to include my wife and me in their post-scholastic lives. Go figure. At…

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