Greta Thunberg Rages Against Plastic While Sweden Blows Up

Salty Cracker

90% of Ocean Plastic Disaster Caused by Third World Pollution

For decades, Russia’s oil giants have been polluting parts of the country’s once thriving landscape, often in secret, spilling oil onto the land and into the Arctic Ocean, poisoning the water and destroying the livelihood of local communities and Indigenous Peoples.

Russia’s New Maritime Doctrine And Issues With The Surface Fleet

20 Signs China’s Pollution Has Reached Apocalyptic Levels

What Africans are “Fleeing”: Their Self-Created Disasters

South Africa: Water Crisis due to African Incompetence, Overpopulation, and Raw Sewage.


The most toxic place on earth

List of grenade attacks in Sweden (last attack 7 September 2018)

Sweden Has an Explosion Problem

The Linköping incident

AFS Politician’s House EXPLODED By Far Left

SWEDEN in CRISIS – RPG on streets | 23 BOMBS in 2 months

Police attacked with GRENADE | Sweden Mayhem

‘Youth gangs openly sell drugs, carry guns in Swedish no-go zones’

Suspects of bomb attacks against TAX are not “Swedes”, but migrants with roots in the Middle East.

Sweden: Crime, Record High as 3rd World Population Tops 20%

Immigrants Commit 84 Percent Of All Rape In Sweden

Sweden Forced to Raise Retirement Age To Pay For Mass Immigration Policy

43% of All Rapes in Sweden Are on Native Children

Leaked Report Shows 50% Rise in No-Go Zones in Sweden

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