Fraud Exposed in Defamatory German Exhibition

A highly publicized German exhibition of atrocities allegedly carried out by regular German army forces during the Second World War has been closed down in the wake of revelations that many of the harrowing photographs it displayed are deceitful.

These two Wehrmacht crimes exhibition photographs purport to show German soldiers standing amid the bodies of Jews they had killed. In fact, these victims – most of them Ukrainians – had been killed in the town of Zloczow (Galicia) in late June 1941 by Soviet security police. The bodies were disinterred after German forces drove out the Soviets.

“Victims of the massacre in Kraljevo, October 1941,” is the description given to this photo in the “Wehrmacht crimes” exhibition. It allegedly shows victims of a German massacre in Serbia. In fact, as Polish historian Musial established, these victims – mostly Ukrainians and Poles – had been killed by the Soviet NKVD in late June 1941 in a prison courtyard in Lviv (Lvov), western Ukraine.

One of the most harrowing photos in the “Wehrmacht crimes” exhibition supposedly shows German troops executing civilians in Serbia in the fall of 1941. Hungarian historian Kriszthin Ungvary has established that this picture actually shows an execution by Hungarian troops in Stari Becej (which at the time belonged to Hungary) of Communists who had been sentenced to death by a Hungarian military court for treason, murder and sabotage.

Perhaps the most widely-reproduced photograph in the anti-Wehrmacht exhibition is this one, which shows an execution by German troops in April 1941 in the town of Panchevo in the Vojvodina region. This was an execution of 18 Yugoslav army fighters who, disguised as civilians, had been involved in shootings of German soldiers. They were sentenced to death by a military court. As grim as it was, this execution was entirely in accord with internationally-sanctioned military law.

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South African man built a stunning race car and the original creator loves it

A South African man by the name of Johan Ackermann has created a Sauber-Mercedes C9 replica which remarkably, is actually street legal.

It took him more than 14 months, sometimes facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, to build a completely unique replica car, but for Johan Ackermann the completion of this project – nearly three years ago – was a life-long dream come true.

And now the resident of Gauteng’s hard work and dedication to bring this one-of-a-kind vehicle to life has been recognised – by none other than the original creator of the Le Mans-winning race car.

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The impressive custom-built replica boasts a twin-turbo 3.2-litre V6 under the bonnet capable of 370hp and 332lb of torque at 5000rpm and reaching speeds of over 186mph (300km/h).


Johan Ackermann (left) and Manie Coetzee

When retired ex-BMW test driver and engineer Johan Ackermann decided to build his own V12 LMR in August last year, his motivation wasn’t the fact that this year is the 20th anniversary of the car’s famous win:

“I did not even realise this when I chose the car as my next project,” he said. “I just liked the clean lines of the car and the open-top configuration, as it looked easier to replicate. How wrong I was,” he admits. “Even without a roof it wasn’t an easy build.”

Luckily, the experience he gained with the build and assembly of his previous project, a road-legal imitation of the Group C Sauber-Mercedes C9 (he recently received a letter from Peter Sauber commending the quality of his reproduction.

However, not having enough money to complete the project didn’t, so he asked his good friend Manie Coetzee to partner with him.

Working from a 1:18 scale model Ackermann measured the dimensions to fabricate the customised chassis while Coetzee found a period correct E38 BMW 750i as donor car for the engine – a M73B54 5,379 cc V12 rated for 240 kW and 490 Nm of torque – various suspension bits and the steering system.

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The car is similar to the BMW Tom Kristensen used to win Le Mans 1998.

It reminds me of the musicians playing while titanic is sinking (no, I never watched the movie). White people are creating something positive and epic while globalists and colored people are destroying everything around them.

I know it might be relatively peaceful where they live. But South Africa is only getting worse and worse.

Danish people are still trying to make things work out, even though Arabs, Africans, Eastern European, etc. are busy destroying our country and future.

South Africa

South African has abundant natural resources like mineral reserves, scenic natural landscapes, wildlife, etc.

Flag of South Africa

The economy of South Africa is one of the best-developed economies on the African continent. In 2018, the International monetary fund estimated that the South African GDP was the 35th highest in the world at approximately $371 billion while its per capita GDP was the 88th highest in the world at $6,459. The growth of the South African economy can be attributed to the adequate utilization of the country’s natural resources such as minerals, arable land, and the country’s beautiful scenery.

South Africa has been blessed with a wide variety of minerals such as coal, diamonds, and gold which contribute significantly to the country’s economy. South Africa is one of the largest coal producers in the world and nearly 40% of the coal produced is used to generate energy. The rest of the coal is exported to other nations with South Africa being one of the leading coal exporters globally. The US government estimated that in 2002, South Africa was home to roughly 38% of the world’s total gold reserves. In 2005, South Africa accounted for roughly 12% of the world’s total production of gold. In recent years, the amount of gold produced in South Africa has decreased due to the exhaustion of some of the country’s gold reserves. South Africa is also one of the world’s major producers of diamonds as the country produced more than 15,800,000 carats in 2005. South Africa also has vast uranium reserves which are considered to be the second largest in the world.

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South Africa is rich in a variety of minerals. In addition to diamonds and gold, the country also contains reserves of iron ore, platinum, manganese, chromium, copper, uranium, silver, beryllium, and titanium. No commercially exploitable deposits of petroleum have been found, but there are moderate quantities of natural gas located off the southern coast, and synthetic fuel is made from coal at two large plants in the provinces of Free State and Mpumalanga.

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