Clown World 12

Gentlemen, let’s talk about killing ourselves

If I Had a Hammer

“Ban Assault Paperclips”

Why “Islam IS RIGHT About Women” is Causing “Confusion & Anger”

40% of all Welfare Claimants in Germany are “Refugees”

“Nazi” Design Exhibition in Holland Sells Out: Organizers Panic and Ban Cell Phones

11 Million Germans Were Murdered After WWII 

BBC Four documentary reveals friendship between Churchill and a Jewish film producer

(((Occupying Germany 1945 – Western Allied Military Government)))

Britain Intended War before Hitler Invaded Poland

Secret German Arctic Bases

German Church Forced to Replace “Controversial Nazi Bell”

Everything Comes From Africa

Virginia Man Facing Weapons Charges is a “Neo-Nazi Terrorist”, FBI says

Whites Cleansed from U.S. Schools

NYC Threatens Citizens Who Use The Term “Illegal Alien” With $250k Fines

Antifa TORMENT Disabled Senior Citizens at Bernier Rubin Event

A nother English church on fire

Trump Confronts China at UN + More

Greta Thunberg Rages Against Plastic While Sweden Blows Up

Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

Nordic Resistance Movement Face the Communist Party in Varberg

Sweden to Remove Ancient History to Teach Women’s Studies and Postmodernism

NPC University Retro Protest

Edward Snowden : A Voice In The Web’erness


ADL’s New Hate Symbols: ‘OK’ Hand Gesture, Dylann Roof Bowl Haircut, and Cartoon Moon Man.

Symbols of Hate?

Poll: Right-Wing Vlaams Belang Largest Party in Belgium


South Park

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