No Vote Out!

I am cautious not to get (too) invested in curtain ideas and believes.
But there are a few things, that is 100%.
Population Replacement in North and West Europe (USA, Canada etc.) and (((them))) doing everything they can to harm us and take advantage of us, in the in the process.

And that China (in its current form) is up to no good!

Immigrants are most often cynical opportunistic and usually not as invested in their host country and its future, as the natives.

The invasion violate one’s sense of righteousness.

Bad Times Ahead!

World Downfall

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)

Genocide Convention


  1. tonytran2015 · October 4, 2019

    Australia is now experiencing a taste of two-tiers justice system it advocated!


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