Immigrant clans are increasingly infiltrating police and other public authorities – among other things, through family relations

Map indicating locations of Denmark and Germany

In Denmark, we have a long and strong tradition of public authorities following the law and rejecting bribery.

The same applies in other countries whose cultural pattern is similar to ours. For example, Germany.

But now a detective in Germany’s largest state, North Rhine-Westphalia, strikes the alarm. Oliver Huth, he is called, and he is vice-Chairman of the Association of Detective Officers (BDK) in the state.

The Huth newspaper, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, says that immigrant clans and other criminal organisations have an increasing influence on public authorities. In addition to the immigrant clans, it involves different versions of the Mafia.

North Rhine-Westphalia is the strongest bastion of immigrant clan in Germany.

The Clans – a state in the state

Germany’s headless immigration policy has, among other things, ‘ enriched ‘ the country with a series of extensive and powerful criminal clans. The largest and strongest have backgrounds in the Middle East, not least Lebanon.

German police are conducting a massive battle against these clans. But they are very strong and hard to get. They form a kind of state in the state.

The police themselves are experiencing the clans ‘ attempts at influence. The same is done by other public authorities: immigration authorities, social offices, job centres, motor offices, etc.

Here, the clans use their power to obtain special treatment or important information that they can utilize – including information about the police investigation of themselves.

Denmark: Officer leaked information on drug cases

In Denmark too, this new form of influence is encountered by the police and the judiciary, among other things. It testifies to a case of which was mentioned in the Ekstra Bladet recently (26.9.19).

The newspaper was given access to an indictment describing how a police officer had passed on information to a friend that police investigated a drug trafficking case.

The officer revealed to the friend that one of his acquaintances was part of the drug case.

The officer apparently did not have any incoming personal relationship with the man who was investigated. But they had occasionally met each other in a Syrian club.

The officer’s friend’s phone was intercepted in another case. This revealed that the friend was well within the police investigation of the drug suspect in question.

About the information that the friend passed on in the telephone conversation, the Ekstra Bladet wrote:

“This, found the court, was consistent with information that had emerged during a briefing at the police yard in Århus 17. October 2018. A few days before the accused officer had met his friend in Fitness World. ”

Against this background, the policeman was sentenced to jail.

Social worker scam with the municipality’s money

In Denmark there has also been another fairly recent case of exploiting a location in the public system to commit illegality.

In October 2018, five men were accused of fraud of public social resources. One of them, a social worker, used his access to the municipality’s IT system to redirect more than 6 million Kroner. From the commune’s social resources to co-conspirators.

The case aroused attention because the accused was the spouse of the Islamic profile Asmaa Abdol-Hamid. But it was also startling as an example of how the use of public systems for their own gain seems to be going through.

We still do not have much corruption and bribery. But the warnings of the German detective Oliver Huth should make an impression.

Source: Den Korte Avis


Germany: New Official Figures Show 3.12 Million “Asylum Seekers” and that the population of Germany as of end December 2018 stood at 83 million, of which at least 25 percent had a “migration background”.


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