The Suspense is Killing Us

The Serpent's Loft

Life is a beautiful thing, a wonderful gift. Objectively speaking, we and life are made for each-other. Every day you wake up and are reunited with your House and all the loved ones that contains. The sun will rise, either over a blue sky or behind a clouded one. In any case, the rise is a sumptuous thing. The breeze will rustle through the leaves, and the trees will sway in prayer. The seasons come and the seasons go, to each their own sensuous charism. Somewhere beyond the stars, the possibility of yet greater lights to divide the firmament wait. Reality is a touching sentiment, and the fact that there is so much more unlearned is a staggering truth. The truth is that our senses tell us a great tale, but there is more even to life than these.

Ah, but Seax, you’re describing NATURE. I thought you said LIFE…

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