German Security Services Demand Internet Companies to Report “Hate Speech” to Police

Germany’s security services said they’re seeking greater powers to fight the kind of “far-right extremism” behind the Halle synagogue attack, including requiring internet companies to report “illegal hate speech” to police.

Read more here from The Daily Archives


  1. tonytran2015 · October 17, 2019

    Who decide what is a hate speech and what is a truth that hurts?
    Then will dissenting political speeches be called hate speeches?

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    • vikinglifeblog · October 17, 2019

      I am thinking the same. More than 25% of people in Germany are “immigrants”.
      “Hate Speech” is promoting this genocide on German people.

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  3. swissdefenceleague · October 17, 2019

    You Can Take That Away, I Know This Band Since Their Start.
    Uk Subs song endangered species from their same name album in 1982
    We Are The Endangered Species ( Who Knew ? )

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    • vikinglifeblog · October 17, 2019

      Thanks, pretty hardcore.

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      • swissdefenceleague · October 18, 2019

        ..Was Still “Melodic” For That Time.. In That Same Year (82),We Had “Discharge” : Hear Nothing – See Nothing – Say Nothing.. (Also From The Same Named Album)

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    • vikinglifeblog · October 18, 2019

      It sounded like Motorhead to begin with. I think, that Discharge was one of the bands that inspired Carcass, Napalm Death and other Grind core and semi death metal bands in UK, mid to late 80s.

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  4. swissdefenceleague · October 19, 2019

    ..Yes,The All Era, Is Full Of Different Musics, In A Full Scale Of Emotional Landscapes And Other Moods.
    Most Were Out Of The Music Industry.. Vs (Music For The Masses)

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