New Zealand Shooting vs 2011 Norway Attacks

Dagens Blest

Breivik and Tarrant

There is a saying – or more of a simple equation, really – going around online that states Diversity + Proximity = Conflict. Culturally and ethnically diverse groups living in the same area will inevitably lead to conflict between those groups. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see how this might be true, but there are still plenty of smart people who lie to themselves and pretend that diversity is our greatest strength. They seem to be dead set on repeating this mantra as the world around them burns because at least it feels good to pretend that everything is all right. Admitting that you have been lied to and that you believed those lies is not easy. And many people prefer coming up with ever more bizarre rationalizations just to keep their kumbaya world view intact. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they continue to say…

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