Clown World 14

Antifa Chaos in Copenhagen, Danish Police Concede – Frodi Midjord

Sweden: One in Four Women are Afraid to Leave Their Homes

The Swedish Sailor that became King of Cannibal Island

Nearly 1/5 of Sweden’s Population is Now Foreign-Born

Biden’s Crackhead Kid Was Also Selling Influence To China

The Truth About Joe Biden

ABC Shows Video of Kentucky and Says it’s ‘Exclusive Video’ from Turkey

French Mayor: “Rise in Crime is a Result of Change in Population”

Forbes Encourages “Solo Female Travelers” To Go To Pakistan

Racist Math is Oppressing POC

Hate Speech Used More by Minorities

Anti-White Protesters Cover Columbus Statues in Red Paint and Call to “Kill All Colonizers”.

Democratic Lawmakers Press for White Nationalist Groups to Be Labeled “Foreign Terrorist Organizations”

These BOOMERS Retire to Spain to Escape the Economy They Ruined

The California Cancer – A Rant

New Zealand Creates Unit to Target “Online Hate”

New Zealand Shooting vs 2011 Norway Attacks

Australian Spy Agency Says “Right-Wing Extremist Threat” is Increasing

China Reveals 9 New Weapons Systems in Beijing

Young White Boys Are Being Red Pilled by Memes

Do Not Play the Part of a “Supremacist” — Leave That to the “Chosen Ones”



Letter from German Political Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck, Who Just Celebrated Her 91st Birthday in Jail.

German Security Services Demand Internet Companies to Report “Hate Speech” to Police

How was Life in the Third Reich?

Lost Prison Interview with Hermann Göring: The Reichsmarschall’s Revelations

Anton Drexler’s Political Awakening

Mussolini’s British Blitz – Italian Raids on England

Secret Japanese Mission to German-Occupied France

Hitler’s Elite Special Forces | The Brandenburgers (WW2)

Stuka Dive Bomber

Public to Get Access to Nuremberg Trials Digital Recordings

Greta Thunberg Needs Police When Asked About Who’s Paying Her


NPCNN: The ‘C’ is for ‘Coup’

Stop Taking Orders from People Who Hate You!

Operation Epstein Explained with Ryan Dawson

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